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Investors Seem To Not Care About Valuations

by Gregory Schaffer on Aug 22, 2017

Market Commentary

According to widely used valuation metrics, the current stock market is more overvalued now than during most of the bull markets since 1900. However investors continue to maintain high exposures of risk to this very long bull market. 46% of money managers say the market is overvalued, yet the percentage who say they are overweight equities has remained unchanged. Weaker earnings in my opinion will be a catalyst to start the Bear market.

Should You Have a Living Trust?

by Gregory Schaffer on Aug 11, 2017

Trust Planning

A will is the foundation of your estate plan and it is essential if your financial affairs are to be settled in accordance with your wishes. If you die without a will, or “intestate” as the law refers to it, essentially the state becomes your executor and your property will be distributed according to its laws. Drawing up a will has become so easy, and it is relatively inexpensive, leaving very little reason why everyone shouldn’t have one. The question becomes whether you should have a living trust in addition to your will.