Executor Services

Executor Services

Beacon of Light Wealth Preservation, Inc.

Executor Services

What is an Executor?

An Executor is responsible for the administration and distribution of assets to beneficiaries according to the Will. The duties of an Executor can be complex and require an understanding of many areas of law, taxation, accounting, investments, trusts and business practices.

At Beacon of Light Wealth Preservation, Inc. we are experts in the services we provide, this is critical as assets of estates go unattended many times which may lead to financial harm to the estate and beneficiaries.

These duties can include:

  • Securing Attorney representation if none appointed
  • Identifying assets of the estate
  • Ensuring that these assets are preserved for the benefit of the beneficiaries
  • Applying for and obtaining the grant of administration
  • Collecting any monies due from all sources
  • Paying debts and expenses
  • Appointing efficient professionals to minimize expenses
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Protecting business interests
  • Transferring the assets to the beneficiaries according to the directions in the Will.

In addition, there are a number of circumstances where the Executor role can continue over many years, for instance, management of minors trusts, other forms of trusts, life tenancies and more.

Beacon of Light Wealth Preservation, Inc. can be nominated Executor in a Will or we can take over the task from someone who has been nominated Executor by a family member or friend.

Benefits of using Beacon of Light Wealth Preservation, Inc. Services:

  • Beacon of Light Wealth Preservation, Inc. is an organization that will always be around to act in you and your loved ones best interests as Executor.
  • Our staff has over 36 years of experience dealing with every aspect of estate administration and with the complex duties of an Executor.
  • Any financial assets are invested prudently and earn a return while an estate is under administration or where life tenancies apply.
  • Our fiduciary capacity along with our independent and impartial involvement in the administration of an estate will ensure that the people you or your loved ones wish to benefit, are protected and have their best interests looked after.