What is the advantage of using a Fee-Only Advisor?


One of the major benefits of selecting a fee-only advisor is the freedom from the inherent conflict of interest that can arise when an advisor’s income is based on selling you financial products. The concern you should have as a potential client is whether or not the advisor is recommending a certain financial product because it is in their best interest monetarily. Also, there are situations where Registered Representative's are pressured or required to favor products offered by their employer. These financial products may or may not be the best vehicles for your situation.

The greatest benefit is getting unbiased advice so that you can make sound decisions about your finances.

We are Certified Financial Planners and we have a fiduciary relationship with our clients, when dealing with Schaffer & Company Asset Management, Inc., we do not charge commissions on investments of any kind. We will always serve in your best interest no matter what service you are requesting.